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New Episode: Elimination #5 and a Challenge for the Viewer

Posted by Erika Sadsad in Elimination Home Edition, New Episode

Today’s Elimination pits two of our strongest competitors against one another. Who will remain after 90 minutes of pure terror? Watch and find out!

Play Along at Home

We’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and posts in the comments and forums about viewers participating in the Elimination Challenge along with the Artists.

This is a fantastic idea!

So now, we encourage you to play along at home. After the Artists choose their topics, pause the show, start your timer and give it a shot. How hard could it be?*

You can tweet your Elimination comics using the hashtags #StripSearch and #ElimComic. We’ll filter through them, choose our favourites and feature them in a post right here on the site.

*Very hard, actually.