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The Artists have one hour to write five tweets provided by guest judge, Scott Kurtz. Some tweets are informational, while others are responses to fans. The tweets are as follows:

You’re exhibiting at Comic-Con and you have two pieces of merch and a panel to promote.

"God, STOP! Everytime you write about this I skip reading for a week. It’s stupid. Stop making these strips. Not what I come to your site for"

"I'm at the dog park and @artist is here with his bassets. I wanna say hi but I don’t want to bother him…"

"Saw @artist at Starbucks in Seattle. What a sad sack looking mother fucker. Probably pissed barista didn’t recognize him & offer free coffee"

"I don’t like the way you’re portraying X character in your strip. People are complex, they’re not stereotypes. You just lost a reader."

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Two Artists Enter, One Artist Leaves

After being selected for the Elimination Stage, the two Artists are to convince the Creators that THEY deserve another night in the house. The Artists pick two random topics from the Wastebin of Broken Dreams and have 90 minutes to write and draw a single comic strip utilizing BOTH topics selected. The winner survives another day, and the loser is executed.