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Ignite Your Spark

Guest judges Michael Gills and Elaine Chase from Magic: The Gathering present the Artists with their first work-for-hire project. The Artists have 90 minutes to create skateboard deck artwork to be used as a giveaway during the Vans Warped Tour. The artwork must feature Chandra, the key character in the Magic: The Gathering, "Ignite Your Spark" campaign.

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Two artists enter, two artists leave,
one comes back from the dead…

After being selected for the Elimination Stage, the two Artists are to convince the Creators that THEY deserve another night in the house. The Artists pick two random topics from the Wastebin of Broken Dreams and have 90 minutes to write and draw a single comic strip utilizing BOTH topics selected.

But what if neither Artist presents a compelling argument?

In classic "we-do-what-we-want" fashion, The Creators break format and resurrect a fallen competitor in their quest to find the next great webcartoonist.