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Sketch for Tips

We return to day 2 in our convention setting. Each Artist is given a set of Copic markers and paper. The Artists have to earn money by drawing sketches and interacting with our judges. The room is filled with convention attendees, some of which are wearing Strip Search pins, which designate them as judges. Each judge has an equal amount of money and will pay at least $5 for a sketch with an additional tip optional at their discretion. The Artist with the most money at the end of 60 minutes, wins.

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Challenge Details

Two Artists Enter, One Artist Leaves

After being selected for the Elimination Stage, the two Artists are to convince the Creators that THEY deserve another night in the house. The Artists pick two random topics from the Wastebin of Broken Dreams and have 90 minutes to write and draw a single comic strip utilizing BOTH topics selected. The winner survives another day, and the loser is executed.