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The Final Challenge

The Creators meet the Artists in the house for the first time to issue their demands for the final challenge. The Artists are sent home for two months to develop a brand new comic.

They must come up with a name, three character bios, six comic strips and one tee shirt design. After two months, the Artists are brought back to Seattle to present their work to The Creators, for judgement.

Art Pieces From This Challenge


Challenge Details

Three artists enter, one artist wins

In the ultimate Elimination Stage challenge, all three remaining Artists must compete one last time to prove to The Creators that they ARE the strip they're searching for.

Each Artist chooses a random topic from the Wastebasket of Broken Dreams. All Artists then have four hours to write and draw three comic strips utilizing two of the three topics selected. The winner doesn't just survive to draw another day, the winner takes it all.