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Gabe / 22 minutes ago

Dusk City Outlaws

I have a whole new appreciation for the art of game design after watching Rodney Thompson and Mike Selinker inspect and construct Thornwatch. I knew I had a cool idea and some genuinely new mechanics but I had hit a wall. Rodney came in and looked at what I had done and saw all the little problems, but more importantly he saw what I wanted the game to do. He cut out old rules that only hurt that game and built new rules to support the Thornwatch I wanted. When Rodney isn't working at Bungie or…

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Tycho / 12 hours ago

You'll be playing Horizon: Zero Dawn soon enough here, but since you need to manufacture practically every shot you fire from your weapons, it might be worth keeping an eye on what you're putting out. Sony's had fairly strenuous limitations on streaming the product, much more strenuous than you might think for a game whose reviews came out a week ago and are all incredible. I asked them, actually, because I wanted to stream it last Wednesday with Mr. Gribbz. Alas; there are authentic…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

The Banner Saga 3 Promotion Thingy

Hey! I backed Banner Saga hard, like, so hard that I got to write a Godstone for the sequel and create an item and stuff. I was asked to help with a promotion for The Banner Saga 3, and I know the second one was a rough ride for the studio so I said yes several times in rapid succession. They said that I could make three to five items for Banner Saga 3, but if I could make five items instead of three, why wouldn't I do that? So let's go with five. Also: Twitch Prime is setting up a…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out on the 28th here in the States, and March 1st in Europe. My feeling is that you should buy it. The introduction has a few very interesting moments, and my daughter Ronia was there for all of them; when the game begins, there are many games it could be. I like the one that it chooses, but they take their time to let things breathe in this unformed space. They allow the center to bake through. Horizon is clung-to by incredibly strange ideas; Ronia doesn't…

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