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Tycho / 4 hours ago

You never know one hundred percent what's gonna happen when you sit down to play whatever Josh has installed for the First 15; sometimes it is a game where you move a ball around. We have been surprised to learn just how omnipresent these balls are. You might also be exposed to Captain Forever Remix, which we seized with our pedipalps and palpably enjoyed. You might also open up Overcooked and spend the first five minutes with your brow furrowed, and then afterward spend days and days…

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Brian / 21 hours ago

PAX West Merch Banner

Hey there! Another PAX looms and we've been hard at work creating a colorful array of products for you. We'll have two locations again. Merch Main will be in its usual spot in the Atrium Lobby. And Merch Lite will have a new, browsable format in the secret caves accessed via the Sheraton lobby. We'll have signs. And probably a line. Come see us. PAX South saw the debut of our Exclusives banner. And there is indeed one for this show as well. The highlight here is of course that bright blue…

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Gabe / 1 day ago

My Gears Team!

Tycho and I will battle at Gears of War 4 in just a few days. Let me introduce you to the team that will win. Ryan Hartman will be the first to tell you just how great Ryan Hartman is at Gears of War, and he’s right about himself. During the previous For the Watch battle Ryan was actually on Tycho’s team. We all know how that turned out. The reality is that Ryan has always been my agent and his placement on Tycho’s team was simply my first move in the larger meta game. Now he has come…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

My Team 4 Gears Of War 4: FOR THE WATCH (4)

It occurred to me later that we could have gone with Gears Of War: 4 The Watch. I like that a lot. But I can't think about all that, now. I can only think about how I'm going to saw Gabriel and his misfit army into CORDWOOD. Here are the tools I will use to bring about that scenario: Kiko Villasenor is short for Francisco Villasenor, but long for Lucifer. He and I used to tear it up on Gears back when Wingman became a thing. One of the most underrated gametytpes in history, it took the…

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