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Tycho / 17 hours ago

It's sorta like when World of Warcraft introduced Eternium Ore; it was like, hey. Don't paint yourself into a corner here. You gotta make a bunch more mystical ores! You don't want to get to Forever-ite until you absolutely have to. What the hell are you gonna do after Doom Eternal? Or Halo Infinity?! You taunt the Gods with this kind of shit; Duke Nukem "Forever" was probably a headstone. And now you've built a gigantic mouse trap and you're laying down in it. Unless… the entire…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Lexcalibur Reading At University Bookstore

I should emphasize for those of you reading this from out of town that University Bookstore is actually a very specific bookstore, and not more of a general concept as it might first appear. But! It's all true: At 5pm pn August 18th, I will be doing a reading at the aforementioned University Bookstore (this one) of my "if Shel Silverstein was your Dungeon Master" book of poetry Lexcalibur. We'll also have a small allotment of the physical book available there, if that's something you missed…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Obviously, there has to be a way to digest the dSports you haven't consumed; some mechanism by which we may obtain chelated versions of these prized materials for easy absorption. That's DiceCenter. (There wasn't enough room in this one to give another shoutout to Goldenboy, unfortunately. We love that dude.) The streaming schedule next week is pretty goofed up because of yet another Top Secret project. It's not a Project based on the classic TSR roleplaying game Top Secret, unfortunately;…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

I feel confident that the dSports league I inevitably found will suffer the same grim setbacks shared by every other attempt to yoke incredibly competitive young men toward some decorous, public expression. Don't these violent sociopaths know I'm trying to establish dominion?!? Hey, have you heard about KeyForge: Call Of The Archons? It's from Fantasy Flight, which is calling it a "Unique Game." Like, as a genre. I'll get into the peculiarities of that in a second. What it means…

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