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Brian / 10 hours ago

A Study in Saffron

I’ve spent the last couple of weekends wandering around my neighborhood with my phone out, collecting Pokemon. It’s seemed a popular past-time and a pleasant one. My usually quiet, keep-to-yourself suburban community has become a swarm of teens, adults and families buzzing around downtown Redmond, sharing smiles and hunting tips. And while I’ve spent the whole of this past week or so wearing some kind of yellow shirt (I’m a Hufflepuff, I have a lot of yellow), I found wearing the sample…

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Tycho / 13 hours ago

Grand Admiral Thrawn is back, welcomed into loving embrace of canon, and I could not be more pleased. The younger iteration of myself liked him much more than the current revision, but the main thing is what it proves: that they aren't above boring into the years upon years of calcified work to haul worthies to the surface. They have an eye on it. Hopefully not all of it. Hopefully we can erect some tasteful shōji or something to obscure certain parts. You can tell from Panel Two where my…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Acquisitions Incorporated: Season One - The Podcast

It seemed like a good time to take it all the way back, back in the day, with a podcast of the new Acquisitions Incorporated season we have promoted so vociferously. It was too fun not to do, and it's something I get asked about a lot at the PAX shows - essentially, "can I listen to the new stuff while i'm driving to work." Absolutely you can. The feed is here, so go for it! "Watch" the new season however you like, even if that includes not "watching" it per se. Big thanks to Erik Bronnum,…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

James Patterson, as has been established, is a necromancer. And he has only begun his dark work. Well, maybe. Have you heard about Bookshots? In the same way Nike branded the calorie with Fuel, Bookshots are an attempt to brand the novella as a form. I'm not neutral on the subject: I think the novella is a potent form factor. Nine Princes In Amber and many other rad, classic books fit comfortably in a space that the traditional publishers don't give a shit about. Their optimal scenario…

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