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Tycho / 2 days ago

Lexcalibur Might Sell Out Over The Weekend

That's what it looks like, anyway. It's really a lot for me to take in. But, yeah: might be a good time to grab a copy, in the format of your choosing. (CW)TB

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Making parties seemed to be all kindsa fucked up for me last night, at least on Xbox, and I don't know if it was some kinda NAT horseshit or launch day jitters or what, but I wasn't able to party up with people I played the beta ("beeta") with just fine. We were eventually able to hack the planet, so to speak, by joining the game the other person was in and then beating the odds several times over as it kept us in the same party all night. I have questions. And theories. But God damn it,…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

LEXCALIBUR Second Printing Is In!

So, my first volume of original poetry - full title, Lexcalibur: Useful Poetry For Adventurers Above And Below The World - sold out very quickly. The elevator pitch is "What If Shel Silverstein were your Dungeon Master" and it has thus far been apt. The reprint is in, hopefully enough to sate the apparently frenzied desire that accompanied the first one - there are a few ways to own it, so take a look at the official page. The designers really wanted to offer a kid's shirt to go along with…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Probably the most relaxing night of gaming I've encountered in recent memory was forming a Convoy - anywhere else but Forza Horizon, it would be called a Squad/Group/Fireteam - and just… driving around. Racing when we felt like it. Doing a seasonal Barn Find when it came up. As a template for winding down the day, it was almost flawless. I did switch to the interior camera during a race though, completely on accident, which inspired the conversation in the strip. Technically, I asked…

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