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Tycho / 5 hours ago

I like Avengers stuff. Well, I like good Avengers stuff. My favorite movies in that continuum are Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier, if that gives you any kind of guide for where I fall in these things. For lack of a better term, though, there are people for whom "Marvel" is like their Star Wars or something. It is definitely not my Star Wars. Shit, kid. Star Wars isn't even my Star Wars. And I think you might only get one. And I can understand I guess in the theoretical…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

I think of my own father, who was a kind of symbol whose every whorl and serif constituted an insoluble, male maze, and myself, who is essentially just unpaid IT, and I'm glad there's no licensing requirement for fatherhood because no dad I know would be granted it. I certainly can't compete with Dwayne Johnson, who is called The Rock and is The Rock. I can't compete with this stone man. The optimal scenario I think would be if my children can't print. Or, if they got…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

One more index of these corrupted times is that, like some Stygian behemoth, dreaded continuity has reared at least one of its monstrous heads. It's true that Mark and I haven't been in the same room together since PAX, it occurs to me now that this period of isolation might essentially have started for many of us at the same time. It's a blessing that many of us were able to attend what I have come to call The Last Convention; maybe we were able to store up whatever nutrient we…

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Gabe / 6 days ago

Drawn Together

I thought it might be funny to draw Gabe and Tycho social distancing in the strip. This was not long after we got back from PAX East and none of us had any idea how long this would last. Well it’s been five months now and I’m sick of drawing characters talking into phones. I hope that if you have been taking your public safety cues from our comic strip, you will continue to socially distance and please wear a mask if you’re out and about. With that said, these cartoon…

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