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Tycho / 16 hours ago

Luigi™ Jump Pin Now Available

And when I say Luigi™ Jump Pin, I'm referring to this one right here: As your pin sommelier, I would say that it pairs well with our Super Mario Bros.™ World 1-1 Pin Set. (CW)TB

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Gabe / 2 days ago

Twitching all day

Today's strip was another that I did live on Twitch. I happened to draw this one on Monday which is when Tycho and Ryan do their new Hearthstone stream. You can watch me do all the sketching and most of the inking in this one: Watch live video from on Then I took a break while they played some Hearthstone. The idea is that Ryan is teaching Tycho how to play Hearthstone and it must be working. I actually came in and challenged Tycho to try and win back control of the Twitch…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

A lot of Virtual Reality games currently are essentially a cool interaction concept, unfettered by much of anything else. I don't have a problem with this necessarily, because in some ways VR has made us all toddlers and we must learn to contend with our bodies all over again. It's okay to start by playing with blocks; indeed, it's traditional. There hasn't been something like a Resident Evil, is what I'm trying to say. But there is one now, for better or for worse, and you can grab the…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

In order to fully grasp the sociopolitical texture of Final Fantasy XV, it's probably important to watch the movie. And maybe the anime. I didn't do those things. I just jumped in with both feet into what feels like a Final Fantasy MMO for the most part, but… I think I'm okay with that. I'm at least ten hours okay with it, judging by the weekend. Big takeaways: This game has meticulous, overwhelming, almost pornographic 3d models of food. And, It's a world where people have swords AND…

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