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Tycho / 1 day ago

I did make an effort to secure an Xbox Series X, using a link Gabriel was turned on to later, and I could get all the way to the end of the process but attempting to make a purchase just made the top of the page turn yellow. It suggested a link I could click for more information, and I did so, learning that the reason I wasn't able to make the purchase was (a shifting, twenty character alphanumeric kaleidoscope). The purchase of consumer goods being placed firmly to the side for a moment,…

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Gabe / 1 day ago

Target Zero.

Target was a real shit show yesterday along with every other store I tried to buy an Xbox Series X from. Target was especially frustrating in that it kept telling me I had one in my cart but wouldn’t let me buy it. I had pretty much given up when I got sent a link to the MS store via twitter that people claimed was working. I was skeptical and the site was a bit slow but all be damned if it didn’t work! So I did manage to score a Series X on launch day but looking around it seems…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

A lot of dinners I had to eat much later because of the schedule, I just had something going on then, I was being beamed to various places and because I was not corporeal at that time I could not eat. Gotta have a mouth for that. But I still ate more than I would have at a regular PAX, which is basically nothing but whatever nuts and seeds are being pulverized at the bottom of my backpack. I did go to the Cheesecake Factory once, yes, my mom was there, and I think that is the kind of place…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

Because "compatibility," broadly writ, is sort of an assumption for The Last Generation of Consoles the intensity with which one must seek out a platform's Exemplar is diluted somewhat. At least, for me. Gabriel craves a gadget, and so when he is denied one it is keenly felt. The PS4 Pro and the One X have more than enough beef to let me ride out these dessications of supply, caused - as I understand it - by a clan of nano-augmented raiders called "The Axiom." Any suffering it might…

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