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Tycho / 2 hours ago

Like a baby chick, Gabriel has imprinted on the Switch somehow. The first party roster - a melange of extended re-releases, reimaginings of franchise pillars, sequels, and a game where your arms are violent Slinkies - has already claimed well over two hundred and fifty hours of playtime. I honestly don't know how many hours of Has Been Heroes I've played. I've never looked. More than anything else on Switch, and more than any other game at a minimum. I think I've almost reached the end,…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Thus concludes Part 3 of Dumber Camp, unless we uncover some new memory we've suppressed. He tells me this is a true story, and I don't doubt him at all. I don't think they even tried to send him to any more summer camps. The Mike Krahulik I met in 1993 was a curious combination of unassailable and exposed. You really couldn't get the best of him linguistically. All the people I know who had hard childhoods are hilarious, not as some virtue but as a kind of intuitively generated…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

I have every faith that I've said something very much like if not identical to the last line in the strip. I could apologize, I guess, but I'm not 100% sure it isn't true. There is a more detailed version of this tale presented in an old post, maybe, what… fourteen years old at this point? I have a condition where when I remember things I also feel all the feelings in the memory. It makes forgiving people very challenging because even if I've developed an antibody to, say, a Betrayal,…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

Here They Are - Your PAX 10!

We always offer a space for especially for indies with the PAX 10 - our cadre of experts selects their favorites from the submitted titles, and the chosen games get free booth space at the show. We're proud to announce the list! Here is the link to the official page, but they are also right here! Use whichever links you want. They all go to the same places! Antihero by Tim Conkling Celeste by Matt Makes Games Inc. Cosmo's Quickstop by Big Sir Games Keyboard Sports by Triband No Heroes…

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