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Tycho / 1 day ago

PAX South Indie Showcase!

Most PAX shows have a space carved out to shine a light on independent talent - and PAX South is even more novel, as it focuses exclusively on heroism in the tabletop space. What can you expect to see at the show? Glinting treasure such as this! The Night Cage by Rosswell Saunders, Chris Chan, and Chris McMahon The Search for Planet 9 by Foxtrot Games Kingdom of Aer Kingmaker by Centennial Games Crimopolis by Cheap Sheep Games Hermetica by Iff Studios LLC Eschaton by Archon…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Chris Perkins so regularly generates fanciful sums donating his time behind the screen for Charity that we have a good sense, by now, what his time is actually worth - and it's not looking good for us. Hey! So, we don't understand one hundred percent how or why this happened, I would say our lives are like this generally, but we were invited down to Blizzard - yes, that Blizzard - and we can borrow their streaming studio to use on so we're gonna do it. Here's the…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Hades is sick with the fever. They just dropped a patch for it too, stuffed with the collated Wisdom of Crowds regarding a number of issues, and there's a little note ticking down at the bottom toward the next big update. It's funny; I know these guys fairly well, I was a fan of Greg Kasavin from way back - gaze ye upon this 2002 act of worship in the strip for more - but I usually try to grab a bite to eat with them if they're working a PAX. I've given them a ton of unsolicited advice, for…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

We were watching some high level tournament play for Smash, as one does, and while I've played tons of it I got the sense like I did with its predecessor: there is a whole other game here that I didn't know about, and may not even be able to see. It exists in a visual band I need a fanciful visor to perceive. I've played it the same way you would Theatre Sports or something - Whose Line Is It Anyway, let's say, against a backdrop of brutal slapstick. Literal props, many of them hilarious,…

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