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Tycho / 15 hours ago

My computer was, in fact, one hundred percent fucked. It was one of those things where you fix one obvious problem, a problem where when you see it you're like "How did this ever work at all," and then the entire fucking computer inexplicably falls to pieces. In this case, and I mean case in both senses, the CPU was trying to catch on fire because the impeller inside the liquid cooling solution had, through exhaustion or sheer laziness, either ceased to impel or whined throughout. The new…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

I was over at Glorp's house last week, he wanted to show me HDR I assume because he owns stock in a company that produces high-end panels, and I had a chance to check out Darksiders 3 on PC. I barely recognized it. I talked about that a bit before, but this art on this platform with this dynamic visual range is just… fucked. Obviously that's the technical term. But in the service of the kind of story it is, which is something like a grim but generous buffet of religious archetypes,…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

The whole point of Game of Thrones is that you thought one thing was gonna happen but then another thing happens, and that works until it doesn't anymore. At least for me. I got out at the end of the Fourth Season, Fourthmeal if you will, at what might have been the last episode but maybe it wasn't and I don't super care if it was. There was a fight between two characters with a result I didn't buy, with a result in the vein of "yeah, dummy, well, ha ha! This is how it's gonna go instead"…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

Having come back from Spokane with more or less my full complement of hit points, it wasn't that bad really; Spokane was a kind of scorched lily pad that I made brief contact with on the way to Priest Lake. There's no reason you should know about Priest Lake! But that's where I went and I think I emerged with more sanity than I had when I went in. The Tales from the Loop game I run for Club PA takes place in Spokane, the Spokane I grew up in, which barely exists anymore. That time has…

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