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Gabe / 2 days ago


I’d be ashamed to tell you how much Enlisted I’ve played since discovering it last weekend. I feel bad sometimes recommending a free to play game but sometimes the gameplay is solid and that’s the case here. Enlisted is a WWII shooter that features large scale battles with infantry, armor and aircraft. It’s got classes like engineers that can construct all sorts of handy defenses and radio men who can call in artillery strikes. These classes are doled out slowly via a…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

There is no end to his wickedness and perfidy, and not merely as regards the cream his notoriety has enabled him to skim. At the last PAX Unplugged, I bought a bunch of VAST stuff from Leder Games, with the money that I earned from working. I had it shipped to the office because, if you have ever been to PAX Unplugged, you know it is very easy to purchase games and I had already done so to the maximum limit - filling even the extra bag I had brought, and then one additional bag I bought at the…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Have you heard about Dungeon Encounters? It's possible you saw it when it popped up briefly in a Nintendo stream, but there wasn't a lot of info. Or, it appeared that there wasn't a lot of info. They actually told us - more or less - everything we needed to know. I thought that Etrian Odyssey was a stripped down experience, and not even in a bad way. I loved that shit. The mapmaking conceit was a delight, and everything else simply felt like home. Dungeon Encounters reminds me of…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

When Gabriel gets into something, every molecule of his being is bent toward it. So, if he's curious about World War, he's reading books and watching documentaries and playing games also. Gabriel ended up taking a detour out of Battlefield V over to Enlisted, a freemium excursion in a similar vein, with a few novel twists. The main shift reminded me of World of Tanks a little bit, a game I keep up with even if I'm not always an active player just because it's really scary…

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