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Tycho / 2 days ago

I'm still on the prowl for a Switch, so I can't speak to it personally, but Grabe is having a premium experience with the new Wonder Boy. That just which just reinforces two things I thought already: one, I need to steal a Switch from one of the other people here, and two, that a lot of the stuff I'm going to like best for it isn't going to be on a cartridge. I guess this all leads into a corollary, or maybe even a Point Three, where if you don't have a plump SD card slotted in that thing…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Grab has already waxed poetical about Overwatch: Uprising, and in private I have seen him wipe away those tears which demand release. When I look at the official page, that language doesn't strike me as being in the service of a one-off initiative. They can play with this forever, each time with a delectable new mess of crates, just continue driving in this potent spike of ambient narrative expression. I want to emphasize that Overwatch is what it looks like when Blizzard fails to release a…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

I mean, this is what happened. This is just a few frames of a documentary about Gabriel bleeding out in the desert. To be honest, I don't know if what came back from there is Gabriel at all: it could be one of those "cactus men" you hear about. The Walking Cactus, that gets a taste of blood from a dying man, and looks to takin' on his shape, just to drink more. I have avoided Arizona altogether, because a bassist in a couple bands I was in was from there, and said that scorpions of…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

Automata NOIR & EXCEED

I like games in general, games of all kinds; that's sort of my thing. In the manner of a giant enemy crab, though, I do have a weak point that can be struck for massive damage. Games that simulate other games. I think that B. David Talton is the same way, except he must have it worse, because he feels compelled to make these games also. He goes hard. One of his games - Millennium Blades - is about playing a collectible card game. I love games based on fighting games as well, I've spoken of…

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