Jul 27

Enfu: Rainbow Love Set Preview

Enfu: Rainbow Love Set Preview

It’s no secret that we’re Enfu fans here at Penny Arcade. Many of us have his prints in our homes and the walls of the office are already adorned with a couple of his pieces with a few more on the way. We even sell his book on our shop.

So you can imagine my excitement when he agreed to lend us his art for a new pin set. I wanted to make his set as unique and colorful as possible, to match his art. So everything about these will be custom. Custom backer card. Custom pin back (they’ll still be rubber merches, but they’ll be PINK). And, of course, Enfu’s rad art.

Even the size of the set will be unique. It’s our first 3-pin set!

Ken has been awesome to work with on this project, letting us help him select from his vast catalog of art to find our three favorite pieces. He then worked with Kiko to hone them down into “pin-ready” form. The easiest way to describe the rules for pin-ready art is to imagine that you’re making tiny stained-glass pieces. All colors will get separated by metal that can only be SO thin. That can be a pretty foreign concept to a digital artist, but Enfu got it right after one pass and so now, I can share the pin-ready sketches with you here!

They’ll be going into production shortly and available as part of our holiday offerings in November.