1. Where to get Pinny Arcade Pins

    The Pinny Arcade logo signage designates a booth as being a Pinny Arcade Authorized Pin Dealer.

    Pinny Arcade Authorized Pin Dealer
    • You can buy certain pins in our online store, the PAX Merch Booth, or other Authorized Pinny Arcade Partners**

    • You can get free pins from certain Partners by playing demos, preordering games, or participating in other activities**

    • You can trade for pins with other attendees, PA staff, and Enforcers

    • ** Partners have designated Pinny Arcade signage designating them as such

  2. How to Trade for Pinny Arcade Pins

    • Make sure a person is wearing a pin trading lanyard

    • See if there’s a Pinny Arcade pin on their lanyard that you want*

    • Ask to trade one of YOUR Pinny Arcade pin for theirs.

    • *Be sure to respect people’s personal space and collection, so please don’t touch other people’s pins or lanyards without asking first.

  3. The Official Pinny Arcade Pin

    The Pinny Arcade logo stamp on the back designates the pin as being an authentic Pinny Arcade pin. For pin trading, we ask the pin be undamaged and have the pin backs attached.

    Pinny Arcade Pin Stamp
  4. Purchase and Trade Limits

    If the pin is a limited edition pin or set, you may only purchase 2 of these pins or sets at a time. For PA staff and Enforcer trades, you may only trade 2 pins per person per day. PA Staff and Line Entertainment Enforcers can not deny a trade.

  5. Pinny Arcade Pin Scarcity

    We’ll retire pins every so often to make room for new designs, but there is no set “hard time limit” for how long they’re out there. We’ll make sure to designate the year the pin was printed on the back of each pin.