Aug 14

PAX Prime 2015 Pins

PAX Prime 2015 Pins

I have never been this excited to announce a new round of pins! So I’m just going to get right to it!


Pit People Pins [The Behemoth]
Available at The Behemoth Booth #3004

Portal 2 Pins [We Love Fine]
Available at the Valve Store in the We Love Fine Booth #7411

Banner Saga Pins [Versus Evil]
Available at the Versus Evil Booth #6608

Rage of Demons Pin [WotC]
Available to all attendees of the Acquisitions Incorporated Panel or at the Wizards of the Coast Booth #1642

Gideon Pin [WotC]
Available on the Magic the Gathering Prize Wall as well as the Battle for Zendiker event on Saturday in the Annex.  It will also be available at the PAX twitch panel and various social media opportunities.

Double Fine Logo and Raz Pins [Double Fine]
Available at the Double Fine Booth #117

Vault Boy and Doom Revenant Pins [Bethesda]
Available at the Bethesda Booth #2030

Co-Optional Podcast and Seattle Polaris Grand Prix Pins [Maker]
Available at the Maker Booth #3835

Minecraft Diamond Block Pin [Thinkgeek]
Available at the Thinkgeek Booth #SKY9

Kappa Pin [Twitch]
-Be one of the first 200 guests in line for Twitch Town Hall panel Friday, August 25, 4-5PM at the Streaming Theater.
-The first 50 people to play H1Z1 in the HP Omen gaming arena will walk away with one Kappa pin everyday at Twitch booth #3317.

Gigantic Tyto Pin [Motiga]
Available at the Motiga Booth #3827

World of Warships Pin []
The first-ever Wargaming PAX pin will be available to the first 1,000 people to play World of Warships each day at the Wargaming Booth #232

Starslip Prime Pin [Kris Straub]
Available at the Kris Straub table in Bandland

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time Pin [Asteroid Base]
Available at booth #3017

Camp Weedonwantcha Skull Pin [Katie Rice]
Available at the Katie Rice table in Bandland

Rainbow 6 Pin [Ubisoft]
Visit the Rainbow Six Booth #632 and participate in Siege Games (for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles for Siege Day), take a picture in front of the Rainbow Six backdrop and share it with their friends on social media using the #RainbowSix

Bin it 2 Win it Pin [Toonhound]
Available at the Toonhound Booth #S4

Muffins Pin [LoadingReadyRun]
Available at the LoadingReadyRun table in Bandland

Commander Bragh Pin [Kabam]
Checkout the demo for Star Wars Uprising and pre-register for the game at the Kabam Booth #111

Sprite Pin [Runic]
Available at the Runic Games Booth #6602

Riptor Pin [Microsoft]
Stop by the Astro Gaming Booth #3217 and challenge members of the Killer Instinct production team to try and win a Riptor pin.

Rock Band Pin [Harmonix]
Available to attendees that play Rock Band at the Harmonix Booth #152


Limited Edition PAX Prime Polygon Pin
ONLY available at the PAX Merch Lite Booth in the Sheraton Lobby (Level 1)

PAX Prime 2015 Pin Set
Available at both PAX Merch Booths.


Gabbie and Tyche Pins
Trade with Gabe and Tycho.

PA Staff Set 3
Trade with individual Penny Arcade staff members for their Staff Series 3 pins.


Get your Pin Quest here.

A Star Wars pin are you fucking kidding me!?

-Gabe out