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Tycho / 21 hours ago

When I read that E3 was allowing "fans" to attend the show, and not merely those ostensibly associated with the journalistic edifice, I was like… well, yeah. I've been doing that with PAX for a decade or so and it's worked out pretty good. But fans means something very specific in this context: it means people invited by the exhibitors directly. Which gave me a second opportunity to say "well, yeah" in an incredibly short span of time. Two things are sort of happening at once, and…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

The first part of the strip is absolutely true: his haircut man was not available. It's a continuum of human experience I'm not connected to in any way. I "cut my hair" the way a druid gathers mistletoe: under a full moon, with a scythe. Upon learning that he would be granted an audience with the Master Barber, the pun shone brightly in his mind. Master Barber is an actual term I was not previously aware of, but what it means is dependent on where you are. Occasionally a class quest…

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