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A lot of people did a lot of great work in gaming, for years, but a significant amount of the conversation around The Game Awards was about how The Game Awards were a singularly poor context in which to celebrate that work. I literally turned it off - I couldn't look at it anymore. I can't look at this smug goon mugging with puppets, and I can't tolerate how this goblin merely stands adjacent to incredible work, and some measure of that talent - that light - somehow accrues to him.

A Recipe For Hat

Merry Christmas! I feel like we're sufficiently beyond the turkey threshold to make such an entreaty. I'm in the market for a Merry Christmas; having returned from PAX Unplugged primarily with a sense of profound gratitude, all that remains really is to… actually feel it? I'm gonna try. Let's both of us try.

Ask Your Doctor About Mortrex

It's probably too inside baseball, or… inside mucous-encapsulated ova, but occasionally we must be allowed to amuse ourselves on our own website. I hauled a case of ravenous insects all over hell's half-acre, and only had a chance to use them the very last night of the show - at 3am, we had to pause right in the middle. But that's when this conversation came up. Technically, it was with Eric but if I'm gonna call someone an idiot multiple times in one panel it's probably more strategic to have it be the same person I've shamed for three decades.

The Upper Room

I hardly know what to say. PAX Unplugged is always a highlight of the year, for various reasons. For one, it's just very good. I like all kinds of games but with the advent of Battletech: Alpha Strike and various Tendrils of Warhammer I think that painting and playing with dolls is steadily rising to the fore, alongside anything that involves the scooting of various chips, wooden people, and the clattering of cubes varied and lovely. Even by these standards, this show was a supernatural portal to a Realm Beyond.

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