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Midnight Sins

Garabbas bounced off Midnight Suns immediately, instantly; I'd be surprised if he hadn't already installed it, just five days from release. I think he would rather have nothing than the possibility of more that. As Penny Arcade's Chief self-flaggelator, I have been lashing my bare back with it for the last couple days. Results have varied!

Boarding Games

Hi! I deeply misinterpreted my calendar, and a panel that I thought was at one time was at another, much earlier time, which meant I needed to do two panels back to back the moment I got out of bed! It was very exciting. Typically I'm able to scrub away the filth and effluvia the body creates o'ernight, but this time I emerged on stage cocooned in a rustling, amber crust - a crust insects prize.

It is a delicacy to their kind.

Splinter Celluloid

Every now and then you get a little shudder, the flap of a butterfly wing, about a Splinter Cell reboot. I think Ubisoft is pretty fuckin' good at reboots. Shit, they're good at rebooting a franchise into a new genre in the middle of the series, as it's going! Conviction is a great example of this. But their Prince of Persia reboot, and then their reboot of the prior reboot - were both inexplicably good. So maybe we're entering into a new era of Splinter Cell, and what better way to, you know, get it poppin', but to tantalize the senses with a BBC Radio Drama(?)

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