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Turn Notice

My neighbor, who has made games in all kinds of places but playing and designing Magic: The Gathering is probably the most recognizable, told me once that "Gamers gonna game." Even as a snip of text, there is the psychic implication of a shrug. In another context, it might be called Bias Toward Action. He deployed this language to suggest that when engaged in a system, the desire to poke, prod, and otherwise manipulate that system is very strong, even when doing so might be suboptimal.

Childish Gamblino

Gabriel's youngest had never seen anything on the order of a Dave - let alone a Busters. These two primal forces juxtaposed obliterated his thirteen year old mind. Gabriel and I recalled our exposure to Chuck E. Cheese, which my mother called Charles Cheddar because... she's my mom, and all my novel predilections had to come from somewhere.

Choke Artist

Shit I want to check out is always coming out around PAX, when it's not really actionable for me - that is the norm. The most recent incarnation of this dark tendency is Cereza and the Lost Demon, which I guess is technically the subtitle. The first part of the name is Bayonetta Origins, and it looks like a watercolor storybook so Gabe is losing his shit. It's one of those games where each analog stick controls a different character, so it's also testing him - mind and body.

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