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Tycho / 1 day ago

I understand the idea of a Midlife Crisis as it is usually imagined, but "an emotional crisis of identity and self-confidence" is what my identity itself is based on. My inner life is a video feed of a video feed of a video feed of a mind fracture extending forward, perpetually devoured and devouring. I am a matryoshka of self-hate. Is that… is that not life? So my thinking is that if Mike wants to build a race car in his office he can drive against other psychopaths who have built race…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

I genuinely don't know if Animal Crossing could have arrived at a better time. I do have other games, I guess. I'm just about done with Doom Eternal, which I think is about two hours too long. Definitely like it, will purchase the DLC, ready to try the multiplayer, but we've reached the game's humblebrag phase now and it's interminable. I just want to pick up the tab and go home. I bought The Division 2: Warlords of New York before East because I love that game but I haven't been in the…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

I'm up against it now, at the very end of the new Doom, which as things come to a close almost has a kind of bullying energy. Maybe these demons had a chance or whatever before I was carrying an arsenal with me everywhere, now I'm on some Destiny-tier immortal Guardian nonsense and the choice matrix for hell monsters is fucking stark. There are only two choices. And both involve me taking some part of them and putting it inside some other part of them, killing them instantly. And…

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Gabe / 5 days ago

Let’s Go Racing!

I watched Ford vs. Ferrari on the flight to PAX East and now I have this in my home office.  It’s perfectly reasonable to wonder how that happened. Plenty of people saw that movie and didn’t construct pretend race cars. I assume.  I had very little familiarity with racing. I had never heard of endurance racing or of Le Mans. I found the idea of a 24 hour race consisting of multiple classes of cars all on the track at the same time, fascinating. During PAX East I watched…

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