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Sample Clearance

I like it when co-op games aren't bullshit. You know? I like it when they don't manufacture little interpersonal caltrops like divvying up collected resources per player just to transform your leisure time into a twisted and darwinian Squid Game. Deep Rock Galactic is the best comparison, philosophically. Everybody wins. Oh, fuck - didn't make it to the ship on time because your cat was shitting in a houseplant in your actual room, IRL? We got you: we'll fire you down from the station in a custom bullet and you can join in progress because why shouldn't you be able to. Arrowhead Studios got the memo.


DRG: Survivor is a dangerously addictive mutation of the survivor genre, newly unleashed upon Early Access. It is a progression beyond the state of the art and is yet another necessary game here in the first few short months of the year.

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