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Treasured Moments To Share

Okay! Sleep didn't work out so well. Brain workin' hard, thinking about PAX Aus. Ryan sent me a few pictures of the food he ate, and they were quite welcome, because Melbourne must be one of the best cities to eat things in the entire world. To prove this, I went to an online site - a "web page" - listing twelve or so of the best restaurants in town, and even after going to said town once a year every year for ten years, I'd never heard of any of them. But I could make my own list of twelve that I'd put up against anywhere I've ever gone. Roster's deep out there.

Rainy Day Recess

Presumably as the result of a powerful spell, the sky overhead Seattle has been set to Deluge for a week or so. I was in the studio yesterday and it was literally a roar inside the building. You walk to your car, a couple hundred feet, and it's like you stepped out of a swimming pool.

Twin Snakes

It sounds like he had a rough time of it, but now he's home playing Phantom Liberty and I think he's vomited the last of the leathery serpent eggs, he says "come up easy." My play would have been to avoid the entire causal chain. I guess if you do have to throw up a snake egg, its young charge squirming with new life, it's nice to hear the process is user friendly.

Christmas In Septmeber!

By Gabe – September 26, 2023

I celebrated another birthday yesterday that secured my 46th year on this earth. I spent the day playing games! Here’s a quick breakdown of what I’m currently putting my gaming hours into:



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