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Clown Wars

By Tycho – August 12, 2022

In the sun-dappled Elysia of the before-times, Kiko and I used to go over to Gabe's house and play a game called Dust. One of the cleanest, most fun wargames of all time, it was a very solid place for Gabriel the Younger to start the hobby. The legibility of the system and the celerity of its resolution - for example, it's played on a massive grid instead of measuring arbitrary distances - means that you can go four player and play two games in an hour and a half. Maybe you haven't played a wargame. Just so it's clear: what I've just described is not a thing. I once played a game of Warhammer 40k with four people that lasted twelve hours. I didn't play again for about fourteen years.  I liken it to when one of those big snakes eats a gazelle.

The Axe

Maybe if you make stuff yourself, things like the Scoob or Batgirl cancellations just hit harder. I wasn't out here pining for these films, not a lot of Scoob fans in my house; they'd tell me it was Boomer shit for sure, even though that construct has been surprisingly resilient and readily interpreted generationally for decades. It's Commedia dell'arte, plus dog. We've been rocking that shit for a minute.

Dungeons & Daddies

I had to get a bunch of spraypaint for some terrain I'm working on, and I could certainly go to Mox Boarding House and get hobby branded paint for about twice as much I decided I was gonna be a recalcitrant coot and get the stuff your mom might put on her patio chairs instead. I don't know if it was a good idea! I guess we'll see.

Crozin' For A Brozin

When he calls to write the strip, the first let's say forty minutes is just him wanting to get stuff defined. And I'm happy to do it. Too happy, frankly. I have to tamp it down so I don't scare him off.

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