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Tycho / 2 days ago

The Division kicks ass. All of it. I would say, purely in the interest of bet-hedging, that the second game sorta failed on the narrative aspects up front but then began to deliver on the back as content continued to arrive. So, let's go back to the first part. It kicks ass. You can say that you aren't interested in cargo pants as an incentive, but cargo pants are definitely not the game's marquee rewards. I got pretty cranked up off the highest level content the game had to…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Once he told me that he'd done actual online research into the nuance and mores of Gunpla - specifically around what gesticulations were required for entry into the sacred realm - I knew that's what the strip was about. He doesn't have a lot of use for things like this generally. But when he takes up a hobby, and the hobbies he's taken to over The Longest Year are indistinguishable from kink, he is almost hyper-aware of the whorls and hidden chambers that stymie and defy the…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

I would like to play Returnal! I think because I have been considering the ongoing plague, and also because I don't own any next generation systems, I guess I didn't know it was seventy dollars. Because of where I'm at as a person, I purchase and play roguelite deckbuilders almost exclusively, and everything else is probably played on Game Pass or free somewhere, so I hadn't really felt that yet. Then again, who knows. Any time spent on the game's Reddit or Twitter will…

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Gabe / 6 days ago

More Gunpla!

I love the early stages of a hobby when there is so much to learn. That’s the phase I’m in with Gunpla right now and I love it. I am watching tutorials and reading guides every day and it’s almost as satisfying as building the actual kits. I would be ashamed to say how much time I spend carefully posing and placing the little robots after I build them. I may not know all the shows and movies they are from but I know which ones look rad, and Goddamnit that’s enough for…

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