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The Ballsman

Oh! Hello. I was going to write all this a few hours ago, but it required electricity which we didn't have at that time. We got out the candles and prepared to live as our forebears did; one of the Old Songs had just begun to blossom on my lips. Honestly it might have been a cold sore. But the power came on shortly thereafter and we blew the candles out.


By Tycho – November 23, 2022

I didn't actually understand what was happening at first, as is typical with the Internet. Information speed is so high that it can seem like everybody knows the same thing, so at any distance from the inciting event people are just reacting to whatever it is without including any of the context. I just noticed that Tweets had gotten incredibly maudlin and it was a lot. It turns out a bunch of the people Elon Musk hadn't fired just quit, and people had begun to post messages that felt like they were watching red-hot, worldkiller asteroids enter the atmosphere.

How Do You Woo

I think if you are going to have a significant part of your respiratory system eaten by a dog, it's always gonna be a bad time. The best case scenario is that this sacred apparatus, so crucial to life, remain

1. Within, and
2. Uneaten.

Imagine if there were an even worse way for this to happen than normal and you have the dreaded Chaos Hound situation.

Happy Birthday Penny Arcade!

apartment 26

24 years ago today Jerry and I Started Penny Arcade from apartment 26 in Spokane Wa. I managed to take a picture of the old place using Google Street View and the only thing missing from when we lived there was the couch we left on the porch that was soaked in cat urine. 

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