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Twin Snakes

It sounds like he had a rough time of it, but now he's home playing Phantom Liberty and I think he's vomited the last of the leathery serpent eggs, he says "come up easy." My play would have been to avoid the entire causal chain. I guess if you do have to throw up a snake egg, its young charge squirming with new life, it's nice to hear the process is user friendly.

Christmas In Septmeber!

By Gabe – September 26, 2023

I celebrated another birthday yesterday that secured my 46th year on this earth. I spent the day playing games! Here’s a quick breakdown of what I’m currently putting my gaming hours into:



Le Petit Mortgage

Over the course of the writing process, which wasn't particularly long to begin with, he got about six different calls to see if he was interested in a mortgage. He was not! But when I saw what he was doing to make this scenario tolerable, this Plethora Of Suitors, it sorta seemed like that was probably the strip.

Mick Jagras

There has to be some point where Niantic stops calling all the shit in your neighborhood some different thing, but today is not that day.  I'm fucking these monsters up and walking around and shit.  I'm gettin' their beaks and making hats or whatever.  I didn't go that hard on Pokemon GO, which is still kicking ass apparently, but I'm much more likely to skin and turn monsters into craft projects than I was to do the other thing.  



So, it's probably worth clarifying some things. When we say that we don't understand why Unity is doing the things they're doing, it's not that we don't literally understand. We aren't confused about the reason: it's money and control. That's not the confusing part. Here's where the confusion actually roosts: in seeking those things, they've undertaken a course of action that stands to lose them quite a lot of both, and the outcome is completely obvious. This is the kind of genius maneuvre you and I simply can't comprehend.


I think most people are familiar with what has been referred to broadly as "that fucking Unity shit," but just in case, Unity - a ubiquitous development platform among independent creators - announced that they'll be charging a twenty-cent fee in the most likely scenario for that cadre of developers. Dark rituals were begun at this time. Viral tweets and personal stories began to braid in lashing, whip-like beams. Then they answered some frequently asked questions and I don't know about anybody else but they managed to make it worse…?



I wouldn't say I'm bullish on gaming from the cloud yet, but I've had the kind of experiences with it where I have seen the thesis made manifest. For me, it's largely genre dependent - but If I squint I can absolutely see the proposition as a real thing that meaningfully happens for a lot of people in the real world.


I recovered from the novel Coronavirus just in time to take care of Brenna, who came down with it on Friday. I never had it before, and it's been just as novel as advertised. It's like we have two different illnesses: I had a "cold" so mild I was more or less fine in two days. Brenna is riding a horse made of bones in plaguelands, and she is pregnant with its dark gifts. It's not the same! So, I bring her soup sometimes.

The Wheelsman

Morak, being who he is, has suggested to me that Sea of Stars at this late juncture is probably his Game of the Year, or "goaty." That sounds like an adjective, and not a pleasant one - bare minimum, it evokes goats. But in this case, somehow, it's an indication of particular enthusiasm.


Sea of Stars!

I’m back home and resting up after my first PAX since 2020. It was a great show but holy shit, I was incredibly unprepared physically for the amount of walking I ended up doing. 



At hashtag PAX West, since it starts on Thursday, Monday rolls around and the show is over. It's a new week. Because PAX West (though I suspect we know its true name) extends, yea, into the Monday after, it creates a very peculiar annual moment where I rise unsteadily on the last day of the show, my mind whipping and writhing like a wavy tube man. It is that precise moment that I greet you here.


Hey! I've got incredible news: you've still got time to shotgun the first season of Seattle By Night in preparation for Sunday's Vampire: The Masquerade game, which picks up immediately thereafter. It's one of the coolest stories I've ever been part of, and unless you're familiar with other Vampire streams I can guarantee you've never seen somebody run a table like Jason Carl. This is what mastery looks like. His meticulously curated filth commingled with the dark energy of the world, its system, and its legacy . These days, D&D is sort of the default - but this creature, and its wicked ways, are from a much more primordial era where the future hadn't been decided yet. Let's hang out there, this Sunday at 11:30am PST on Main Stage - which you can watch from anywhere at