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When I see our engineer playing something in Early Access, I always make a note to come back and check it out - but Gabe beat me to it. This time it's The Planet Crafter, which just hit 1.0. It's a multiplayer techy buildy enviro sim type thing, but the couple screens and videos I saw didn't really communicate the arc. The arc is terraforming a hostile world into a paradise, which you can see in the video below. I've done the first part a ton - picking up all that shit, making shit from the shit, so many times that I don't really get out of bed for that layer anymore. I sure as shit haven't done this:

Big April Sticker Drop!

For Christmas I got a very nice printer and a Cricut cutting machine. I quickly became obsessed with making stickers. I was taken back to the days of my youth in the 80’s when sticker collecting was HUGE. Like all kids I loved cartoons back then but I specifically liked the art. I used to take the comic section from the Sunday newspaper and trace all my favorite characters. When stickers became a thing I was powerless to resist. There were dedicated sticker shops all over and inside they were essentially candy stores but for art! I filled my official Hallmark sticker album with Garfield, Snoopy, Care Bears and then spent hours trying to draw them. I specifically remember learning to draw the bald eagle mascot of the 1984 Olympics whose look I loved and was on all kinds of merch back then including stickers. It’s been fun drawing sttuff reminiscent of those old designs. More stickers are dropping today if you’d like to get nostalgic with me.



Converse x Lockheed Martin

Gabriel was telling me about Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, and about how… just about how it was, what it was like. He told me things that I guess are technically spoilers but I don't know if you can meaningfully spoil or even harm this type of content. It is a buddy cop movie about a nuclear dinosaur and a monkey that is too big. He's too big! I can't stress that enough.


I was trying to find something for my newspost on Friday, some ancient snip of gabriana, and Twitter said that there was no such thing as a Gabe. Certainly we have our disagreements from time to time on matters of import, and also… condiments, but nothing to cast him into the void over. If I get a vote, he should continue to exist. But he made that account a billion years ago in Internet terms, and now it's gone.

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