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Josh Swears @ Crawl

What I'm playing right now!

By Gabe – February 21, 2024

I can’t believe how many great games there are to play right now! Here’s a list of where I’m spending my time these days.


An Even Bigger Love

I was excited to hear Gigantic was coming back. You can try to fit it into some recognized genre box, but as we suggested in our 2017 strip and newspost, it doesn't readily map. That's part of why it didn't connect when it was launched, I think - in concert with its freemium dynamics perhaps, they actually did something kinda new. I think about that tragedy all the time. They were from here; we even went to their office to see it. One of the artists on the project had been on Strip Search. And it was good. It was really good. One always hopes that being good will be a factor in the success of a thing somehow, but… yeah.


Maybe A Little

We are approaching a time where my innermost dreams are no longer the stuff of fantasy - they can be plucked, ripe, from any tree. Crew-serving allied weapons feels just as incredible as I hoped, and you've got a couple options for it. When I play with the two other people I often play with, at our current level, we tend to have two autocannons and a recoilless, which is the one I have in the strip. I really, really like the autocannon because it's just sort of a Swiss Army Knife for problem solving, particularly if that problem is shaped like the enemies of the blue-green jewel we all serve.

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