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Cyberpunk Also Comes In Pinny Form

I just received my own merch newsletter, which you can receive also by putting your email into the bow at the bottom right of this very page.  But it had cool stuff in it and I thought I should also post about it here, because it has some Cyberpunkian product - or, as the French say, les produits du ponque-cybre


Except for the time they went extreme with it, Ubisoft's Prince of persia games have essentially been bangers. I haven't played the roguelite one, but it's reviewing well and it's made by Evil Empire, which I'd say are two things that sort of naturally go together. There's been a remake on the books for a while it seems like, and at Ubi's Ubisoft thing a few days ago they dropped a teaser that said the new one was gonna drop in 2026. 20 fuckin' 26! That kind of optimism stirs the heart.

A Little Bit of Everything

I’m not sure what games I’ll be playing in the year 2026, unless hiding from packs of wild dogs is a game. I can tell you what I’ve been playing in 2024 though! I’m still not really into any one big game at the moment but I’ve put a few hours into some fun stuff here and there. This is what I’ve been playing:



May We Die In The Forest

By Gabe – June 10, 2024

I just noticed that today marks the 15 year anniversary of the very first Lookouts comic. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long! You can check out more Lookouts stories along with other tales of the Eyrewood right here. You can also watch the Lookouts short film by Redgate Films, which we didn’t know was being made until they invited us to the premiere. I think "fantasy Boy Scouts" is still probably one of the coolest ideas we’ve cooked up. 

-Gabe out


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