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Nightlight, Grace

By Gabe – July 22, 2024

Jerry mentioned Sand in his most recent news post but another multipart series started this week 9 years ago. Our story “Grace” is a Nightlight tale and you can get started with part 1 right here. If you’re not familiar with it, Nightlight is a series of stories based on the idea that all families have a “Nightlight”. That is to say someone whose job it is to fight the monsters that DO IN FACT live under the bed. A Nightlight can be anyone and they have many different ways of battling these monsters. I always thought this one would make a great series on Netflix or some other streaming service. Who knows, maybe someday it will!


Specifically, the comic.  I saw via Design's perpetually delightful "Feeling Nostalgic" section that it had run about eleven years ago this week, but the initial page actually ran a couple years before.  That was sort of a busy time for us!  It took us a while to get back to it.  I think it was worth it?  Maybe?  No, I really like this one actually, this future western stuff is always in season for me and I have an endless desire to write in this patois.

Antisocial Media

I left Social Media a few months ago and I don’t regret it at all. Twitter has always been a weird place but after it was purchased by Ebon Husk it became a true cesspool. Out of morbid curiosity I looked at what was trending this morning and it’s some of the most vile, psychotic shit I have ever seen. People there feel comfortable spouting truly unhinged beliefs and they love to preface their deeply fucked up opinions with “Fun Fact” . I think about it as if it were a real place. If I went into a restaurant for example that was full of (and indeed catered to) conspiracy theory loving racists, I would leave and I would never go back. It’s that simple. I don’t have to support a place like that even tacitly with my presence, much less my money. I recognize I’m just one person and leaving Twitter won’t hurt the service but it will help me sleep at night. 



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