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Tycho / on Tue, May 7 2002 at 5:17 am

Six Of One, Half A Dozen Of The Other

  • Ant City:  Sent in by Ian from XenGamers, he said it was probably worth about five minutes of fun.  Maybe if you play it once, it is.  Like the proverbial Pringles brand snack chip, once one has initiated the popping process it is difficult (if not impossible) to halt the procedure.

  • The Parking Lot Is Full:  I actually found out about Plif and Jerkcity on the same day, instructed thus by the inimitable Monk-e on the Penny Arcade IRC channel.  You can only imagine what that day was like.  No matter.  The Parking Lot Is Full is being put to sleep, has been I should say, so head over to the morgue and ogle the corpse with the others.

  • Project Solinari:  These guys review games - mainly ones that could be considered classic, which is typically a euphemism for “very old.”  Nostalgia trips galore.

  • A Glimpse Of Our Terrifying Cyber Future:  I don’t know what Sony could possibly be thinking, mass-producing these vicious robo-youngsters.  Time was, you could just push a robot down and they’d roll the credits while you got your chaste mack on in ninteen-fifty.  Not so, anymore.  These little bastards will turn on the juice and burn your whole head, they don’t care.

  • Save The Pak Mann Arcade, Goddamit:  I don’t live anywhere near here, but I was sent this by someone who does.  So save it, already!

  • Save Internet Radio While You’re At It:  Feel free to save the other thing first, if you’re in the middle of that.  I don’t want to be a bother.  But as I’ve been putting plans together for our radio station (Ping Radio, yes, named after the wayward duckling), I’d become aware that the concept of Internet Radio is sort of on the ropes.  Now, for what we plan to do, we probably wouldn’t have to pay a lot - we were never going to run twenty-four seven, like a regular station might.  The idea that Internet Radio would be even remotely injurious to artists (read: labels) is, to my mind, an avaricious yarn spun from pure fancy.  The issue is too much in the margin to have its ramifications understood by those who will be asked to arbitrate it, so I fear we can chalk this one up to Team Fucker.

  • (CW)TB

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