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Gabe / on Wed, May 15 2002 at 5:37 pm

Neo Geo Hyper 64

Some of you may remember back in March I mentioned that Kara had purchased a very special anniversary gift for me. I was to be the proud owner of a Hyper 64 mother board. Well the package never came and after some unsuccessful attempts to resolve the situation with the post office I had basically given up all hope. Today as we were heading out the door one of my neighbors came by with a package for me. He told me it had been delivered to his place by accident back in March and he had just forgotten about it. Well I opened it up and I’ll be damned it it wasn’t my Hyper 64.

Now I took a look at this motherboard and it’s quite a bit different from anything else I’ve seen. My only experience so far has been with basic Jamma boards and the Capcom CPS 2 system. This Hyper 64 board apparently does not use the Jamma harness for power or sound. It has extra cables for each. What I’d like to do it put it into by generic Jamma Cabinet. Now I have never hooked up anything like this before and I am not really sure how to do it. So, do you live in Seattle? Do you work at an arcade or know how to hook this shit up? I would really like to learn more about the wiring and maintenance of these machines. If there is someone out there in Seattle willing to give me some lessons I’d really appreciate it. I’ll make cookies.

Kara and I will be seeing Star Wars tonight at 12:01 over at the Kirkland cinema. If it’s not great someone will die.

-Gabe out

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