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Gabe / on Wed, Mar 12 2003 at 4:30 pm

Kung Fu Chaos and Stuff

I haven’t had much time for games lately which sucks because I am not nearly as far into Dark Cloud 2 as I would like to be. Obviously the positive side is I spent all that time working on the CTS mini series which I feel is probably my best work to date. I took some time off from the insane schedule I have been on this afternoon and I played some Kung Fu Chaos with Robert, a guy who used to be my friend. The fact that he is no longer my friend has nothing to do with Kung Fu Chaos and everything to do with Guilty Gear X2.

At any rate I wanted to comment on Kung Fu Chaos which I have seen take a beating in a few reviews. This is from the IGN review:

“...when playing multiplayer, it was never a joy. I’ve yet to play with anyone who wasn’t totally frustrated, annoyed, or bored by the game in a multiplayer match. Everyone I’ve tricked into player single-player has had fun. But, the multiplayer just isn’t good.”

Just because all of Hilary’s friends are dumb shits she says the multiplayer is bad. I don’t blame Hilary for not being able to find a single person who liked the game at IGN. I mean that place is where writers go when they don’t get hired by Maxim. These guys are practicing their craft at the bottom of the proverbial barrel. I can’t even imagine the bunch of sour faced rejects she must have to put up with on a daily basis. All desperately sawing at their wrists with the plastic butter knife they swiped along with an extra pudding cup from the cafeteria. “Hey Frank I know you said you had to get home early tonight so you could sit in your garage with the engine running until you were released from this cosmic joke that is your life, but instead why don’t we play a fun little party game with a corny “chop-socky” kinda vibe.” Yeah, probably not gonna happen. But the fact is, with a good bunch of friends this game is really a blast.

The game is divided between long dynamic levels and what are essentially mini games. The longer levels will have you and your buddies battling through film sets while the director shouts insults and orders at you. You will be jumping between moving boats and charging across crumbling wooden bridges. Each character has a bunch of combos they can do and you can pick people up and toss them around which is always fun. It’s basically just a really good party game that will have you and your friends shouting insults at each other which is the whole point of a party game. So don’t pay attention to the bad reviews, they have no idea what they are talking about. The game is a blast and you should definitely get some friends together and check it out.

In other News, The response to this months Club PA gift has been overwhelming. I’m glad that you guys are so excited about seeing the CTS mini series in color. Once I have page six done I’ll compile the whole thing and send it off to Tycho. I don’t know if he will want to wait and send it out along with page six of OE when that is done or if he will just send the CTS stuff out right away. At any rate we really appreciate your support .

As long as you are so keen on supporting us why not come see us at the Kansas City Comicon on March 29th and 30th. We will have a good sized booth there from which we will be peddling our PA wares. This includes Div and Fruit Fucker shirts as well as the new CTS shirt. We will also have the CTS and PA crew posters. As ussual we will sign anything you put in front of us and chat with you about games and Star Wars. If you want to get all your buddies together for a road trip Tycho even said he would pay for all your gas to get there. I know! I was just as surprised as you, I mean what with gas prices being what they are these days. I guess he’s just a giver.

-Gabe out

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