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Tycho / on Mon, Apr 21 2003 at 11:41 pm

A Wealth Of Information

We are, of course, talking to our lawyer about all this stuff.  Readers have referred us to many sources in an effort to clarify our position legally, sites like Chilling Effects act as clearing houses for data useful in situations such as this.  Also, interesting cases have been brought to our attention - for example, Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl” was contested by Mattel, and Aqua still came out on top (as it were).  In darker news, Matt from MacHall send this interesting bit - check page 3, “Dr. Seuss Enterprises Vs. Penguin Books.”  To my mind, that precedent doesn’t mean anything good for us.

This might be of interest to you:  another case involving the tireless Rinda Vas, who apparently spends day and night tirelessly defending 80’s pap.  Thank God there are people like her to defend megacorporations and their holdings from the predations of popular culture.


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