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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 29 2003 at 6:57 pm


Otogi is like Shinobi only with better graphics, better music, better level design, a more robust combat system including the ability to purchase new weapons and magic that will alter your characters stats and combos, tighter controls and a camera that actually works. The fact that most stores are only ordering half of a copy though means it might be difficult to get your hands on one. Once again the Pre-ordering system fucks the average gamer in the ass. It’s the same thing that happened with REZ, ICO and APEX. They don’t get many pre-orders so they only get in a few copies. Then everyone realizes what an awesome game it is and you can’t fucking buy it anywhere.

I don’t understand why I can’t just walk into a game store and buy a videogame. I don’t have to talk to some jackass over at Safeway three months before I wanna buy some milk. “Yeah bob listen, I’m gonna want to get my hands on some frozen yogurt come next December. How about I leave you a ten spot and you call me when my shit comes in.” The entire Pre-ordering system helps no one except EB, Gamestop and the dozen or so other game stores that are all really just the same store but they call them a different name so that you don’t feel like one giant mega-company is taking all your money even though that’s totally the fucking case.

Maybe we should do something about this. I’m not sure just what yet but I think that if we all decided that we wanted this to change we could probably do that. Let’s all put our thinking caps on and see what we can come up with. The sooner I don’t have to hear “I’m sorry, did you have a pre-order?” the fucking better.

On a completely unrelated note I would like to continue my “helping people out” streak that I started with my plug for Red Eye PC yesterday. Only this time I’d like to plug my own wife. Hmmm…that didn’t come out quite right. In any case Kara is in school right now learning how to manipulate hair in new and exciting ways. Now she is actually out on the floor cutting and styling the hair of real human beings which is a comfort to me as I no longer find terrifying mannequin heads all over the house. So if you’re in need of some kind of hair maintenance she would very much appreciate your patronage. Keep in mind this is a school and she is a student but I can vouch for her skills. She’s taken her shears to me on numerous occasions and I’ve come through with hardly a scratch on me. It also means that you get a good deal on your hair cut. Gene Juarez is a super shmancy salon but at the school a haircut is only like ten bucks. If you are in the Seattle area just call the Gene Juarez academy at 206-365-6900 and tell them you want to schedule an appointment with Danica. Yeah, I know her name is Kara but they have a bunch of girls at the school with similar names so she had to pick a new one. I like to think of it as her handle, in fact I told her she should have chosen LORD_H3LLHAMM3R666 and then gotten an AIM account.

-Gabe out

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