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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 8 2004 at 11:57 pm


Okay, about fourty-five minutes and seven hundred emails later I think I have a pretty clear idea of what you guys think about more “news” posts. It’s actually pretty cool how much alike all your answers were. I’d say about 99% of the emails I got sounded pretty much like this one:

The way you guys promote only the things that really catch your eye is what makes your site different to me.  I don’t want another news site, but I do like it when you post up something that catches your eye like Pariah.  It’s like my buddy telling me “I saw this new game, it looks bad ass, see?”  News sites just don’t have that same effect.  You’re gamers, not journalists to me, and that gives your word more weight.  Please don’t dilute that weight.

It’s funny because Tycho and I have always felt like our news posts were more like conversations between friends. It seems like a lot of you look to PA as a sort of news filter. If something makes it past us and on to the page, you feel like is worth checking out. I know Tycho and I don’t want to do anything to ruin that. Obviously Pariah looks awesome, and it’s coming from a group of guys I trust a lot. I don’t have any intention of posting press releases about the next Mary-Kate and Ashley game.

So thanks again for all the great feedback. It was super interesting to read through all of that.

-Gabe out

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