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Gabe / on Mon, Jun 7 2004 at 10:48 pm


I would just like to draw your attention to two brand new shirt designs over at First up is the sensual “Justin Bailey” shirt. Prove your old school heritage by sporting this Metroid inspired work of art. Then strike fear into the hearts of zombies throughout Raccoon City with the new R.P.D T-shirt.

If you are still hungry for things to buy you are welcome to buy some of our stuff. The posters should be available on the store any day so keep checking. I’ve also seen the designs for the new Twisp and Catsby shirt as well as the Aggro shirt and I think you guys are really going to like them.

I was suckered into joining a gym a little while ago. People kept telling me how much fun it is to work out and how when they miss a day at the gym they get all depressed. I’m telling you right now, that is a fucking lie. Those people are fucking liars.

-Gabe out

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