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Gabe / on Fri, Jun 25 2004 at 8:18 pm

A bit more on PAX

We sent an invitation to PAX to the editor of a fancy videogame magazine. We thought it was a nice thing to do. He responded saying that there were events like ours all the time and he couldn’t make it. It was just another Lan party in his eyes and not worth his time.

Saying PAX is just a Lan party is like saying Woodstock was just a concert. I’m not claiming it will be the defining moment for a generation of gamers but it’s certainly going to something special.

Like Tycho said, we are going to present the greatest geek music concert ever. From hard core geek rock and rap to a fucking piano concert full of Final Fantasy music. There has never been a show like this before.

We have a Lan room that’s true, but we also have a console room with over thirty televisions and a tabletop room for miniature games and CCGs.  No matter what kind of games you like you’ll find something to play at PAX.

We have an exhibition room that will be full of game developers showing off their upcoming games. We are just putting the final touches on the list of titles you’ll be able to see and play at PAX. I can tell you it’s gonna knock you on your ass. You don’t get to see shit like this unless you sneak into E3.

We will have panels with industry professionals. They will be talking about everything from breaking into the industry to the current state of online games. You’ll even be able to pitch your own game ideas to the guys that decide what games make it and what games don’t.

As if all that wasn’t enough we will also be holding the Omegathon. It’s essentially a two day gaming tournament held in the style of a reality TV show. Players will get kicked out each round until the final two will compete for the ultimate prize. Somebody who attends PAX is going to walk away with a video game collection that is now worth close to $30,000.

No one has every attempted a convention like this. If we’re able to pull it off (and I think we can) it’s going to be incredible. Sorry about the rant. PAX is super important to us and I’m just really excited about it.

I also wanted to direct you towards the west coast super trip again. If you plan on coming to PAX, and you live on this side of the country the west coast super trip sounds like a blast.

on a side note, be sure and use the mail link at the bottom of my posts if you want to reach me. The old address is still fucked up.

-Gabe out

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