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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 25 2004 at 6:00 pm

Several Tender Updates

There have been some changes and additions at PAX that are, in my estimation, fly.

For one thing, it’s now a 24 hour event.  We wanted to do it that way initially, but were scared away by the cost.  Fuck it.  Also, Sabertooth Games will be there in a pretty big way, no doubt with their Lord of The Rings tabletop game and their excellent selection  of CCGs in tow.  They’re also loaning us game designer Erik-Jason Yaple for one of our many panels,  sponsored by the WSA.

It pleases me to announce that MC Frontalot will be there, as well - between him, The Minibosses, and The Optimus, I feel confident in saying that this is probably the greatest conflux of geek music ever.

Here in about two weeks, we’re going to be down in Texas at the Guildhall thing - so if you like Penny Arcade, or even if you just like Texas, maybe it’s for you.

Also, the posters are up over at Thinkgeek now - they’ve got a CTS one and a couch one.  They make great impulse purchases!


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