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Gabe / on Sun, Oct 24 2004 at 9:00 pm

Yes I know you want a Gabe shirt

I get this mail all the time and I want to finally comment on it here in a news post. This particular one comes from a reader named Alex.

You should make a shirt for your store like the one Gabe has. all yellow with Pac-man.

I’d pay like a billion dollars for one of those. or, y’know… four… somewhere between four and a billion, anyway.

Yeah, you should make one of those.

It’s nice of Alex to offer us a billion dollars for making such a shirt. That money would certainly come in handy when Namco decided to sue us for copyright infringement. There is just no way we can sell a shirt with Pac-Man on it. Trust me, we’ve tried to contact Namco about it. As it turns out they’re kind of a big company and most of the people in charge not only have never heard of Penny Arcade they also don’t speak English. Makes the negotiations kind of difficult.

-Gabe out

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