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Gabe / on Thu, Jun 3 2010 at 10:38 am

D&D and Drawing


I got a great response to the Dusk thing. I’ll get working on this right away.


On Memorial Day I ran a D&D game with my friend Alex. It was a special game for the wives of my players and Kurtz. The girls tend to like funny stuff and a so we cooked up a little adventure based on the Twilight phenomenon. It was a fun night with lots of inside jokes for the girls and a cool set piece encounter at the end. I’m curious if you guys would be interested in the ability to download this adventure so that you could run it yourself. My notes are pretty loose but if there was interest I could tighten them up and make it available here on the site.  The basic hook is this:

The play “Dusk” has come to Fallcrest. It is a tale of forbidden love between a young girl and a vampire. Teenage girls are going wild for it, but they are also going missing and that is where your party of adventurers comes in. You have been hired by the mother of a missing girl. You’ll have to navigate a family of eccentric actors and wild teenage fans in order to unravel the mystery surrounding “Dusk”.

This is a short adventure, good for one night of play. If it sounds like something you’d like to play shoot me a mail. If the interest is there I’ll put some work into it and get it uploaded.

Also, I recorded the live show I did Tuesday. I’ll probably do another today, watch my twitter if you’d like to catch it live.

-Gabe out

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