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Gabe / on Tue, Sep 13 2011 at 11:56 am

Corvis Table

Back during PAX East I was checking out the table top area and saw a group of guys around an incredible Warmachine Table. It turns out these guys called themselves At-Large gamers and making bad ass tables was their hobby. I was so impressed by their work that I asked if I could commission them to build a table for my group. They agreed and we started kicking around ideas.

Our group has been playing the Iron Kingdoms Witchfire Trilogy. The adventure is set in the town of Corvis and we’ve really fallen in love with it over the course of the game.  Corvis is an old city that is sinking into the swamp it is built on. This seemed like a cool hook for our Warmachine table.

Aside from the setting it was important to us that the table be modular. Ideally there would be multiple ways to assemble the table so that each game would be unique. The At-Large Gamers guys accomplished this in a couple different ways.

First of all the table is composed of four, 2’x2’ squares. These pieces can be turned and switched around to fit together in multiple cool ways.

What I think is the biggest innovation though are the cutouts. Each square has one or two of these cutouts and they can be filled with different inserts. We have inserts that are trenches, flat terrain, forests, and hills.

They also built a bunch of loose items that can be placed anywhere on the board. These range from buildings like a forge, old statues and towers to smaller obstacles like piles of junk, walls of crates and broken down Warjacks.

All this stuff together gives us a ridiculous amount of customization for each game.

The table is intelligently designed but it’s also artistically beautiful. The attention to detail is just amazing. They used 3D printers to create custom sewer grates stamped with the Corvis insignia. The forge glows red and blue lights glow deep behind the various sewer grates. They even included dozens of Penny Arcade easter eggs for us. tiny wanted posters for Gabe and Tycho are pinned to some of the buildings. One of the crates is covered with miniature comic strips. Another box holds the Cardboard Tube samurai’s gear. It’s just incredible!

At-Large Gamers delivered the table to us at PAX Prime this year and we were all blown away. We had hoped it would be cool but it honestly exceeded all our expectations. If you’d like to get in contact with them you can hit their Facebook page right here. They have tons more pictures there as well as some info on their other projects. If you’re interested in how they built our table you can hit this thread over on the Privateer Press forums. They posted a bunch of in progress shots as well as pretty detailed info on how the table was constructed.

-Gabe out

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