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Tycho / on Fri, Feb 21 2014 at 12:18 pm

PAX East Indie Showcase

It may not be apparent outside of my own mind, but the “PEIS” has a specific mission to promote games on mobile.  PAX10 is more broad.  But mobile is an especially scary place to make games right now, and I think there’s good to be done thereby.  Unlike a lot of games at a show like this, a lot of times you can just grab your phone out of your pocket and buy something you like right there.  As magic tricks go, that’s a pretty good one.  This year’s impulse purchases include:

Crowman & Wolfboy, by Wither Studios
Duet, by Kumobius (with music by Tim Shiel)
FRAMED, by Loveshack Entertainment
The Spookening, by Modesty Creative Agency
Tiny Dice Dungeon, By Springloaded
Wayward Souls, by Rocketcat Games

I played a couple of these in more larval form at PAX Australia - the brilliant FRAMED and the genuinely fucking evil Duet - so this is some very good company here.  Gotta go check out the rest.


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