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Tycho / on Sat, Mar 15 2014 at 2:36 pm

Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter, Plus Tycho

Keek and I used to play Dreadball “after class” at the told office, until a friend of mine wanted to run a league and I gave him all my stuff from the first Kickstarter.  After I backed it, they asked if they could do a Gabe sculpt and throw him into the campaign as an MVP “hireling” for use in your teams.  It was an easy call, and I liked coming up with a fiction for him that felt appropriate for Gabe, the game, and also fact that it was a Kickstarter.

Dreadball is a clean, glossy sport with bright lights and a dark underbelly.  Dreadball Xtreme is all dark underbelly, all the time.  I like it when games let you repurpose the models you already own, give them a new life, and that’s what’s happening here.  They’re in the final stretch now, with just over a day left in the campaign, and they just announced a Tycho MVP.  We weren’t sure if it was gonna make it in the time allotted, but there you are.  I’m looking forward to meeting this crew at PAX East. 


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