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Tycho / on Mon, Mar 17 2014 at 3:36 pm

I Forgot A Twitch Thing

There are a couple things that make me especially bad as a Twitcher.  Though, I think they’re generally called Streamers?  Twitcher is not an ennobling term.  I did a Google search with the keywords “What do you call a person who Twitches?” and was not illuminated as a result.

One of the reasons I’m bad at whatever it’s called to do that is that I mumble a lot.  These days I can sort of manage a microphone without scraping my teeth on the mesh or acting as a font of random syllables.  When my focus is consumed by a non-speech activity, though, it just…  runs tape.  I don’t expose people in general chat to this, because I’m never there: it’s purely psychic exhaust for the “benefit” of my Party, whether there’s anyone in it or not.  It’s a chunky salsa of violent oaths upon slain foes, squirrel chitters, and what might be Uruk-hai recipes.  This is more Gabe’s department, really.  But I think he’d appreciate this too:

The other suggestion I was going to make for the Twitch App was that it needs camera controls.  The contortions required to get these systems to capture my vile deathmask are comical.  We tried to get the camera to show four people on the PS4 when we were playing the thoroughly baller Towerfall: Ascension, and we had to put the camera perhaps seven feet behind and to the left of the television to catch us.  With the new Kinect, the field of vision is super wide, so it’s the opposite problem.  You need to move it super close in order to create anything like a human experience.  Before you hit broadcast and start the stream, the ability to pan in and enhance a quadrant would be nice and is probably required in most human living rooms.  It doesn’t have to be like Skype’s intelligent camera, detecting delicious skulls with its witch eye.  But some capacity to stream a scene not primarily made up of empty space seems like a good play.


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