Jun 20

Year One Club PA Pin!

Year One Club PA Pin!

Have you heard of Club PA?

Now after reading all those ridiculous offerings, are you a member yet? No? You must have missed this nugget:

Club PA Pin Offering

This is the inaugural year one pin, in other words, it’s the best pin in the whole collection.

Fun fact: The inspiration for the Club PA logo comes from the iconic feuds over the years between Gabe and Tycho. The violent altercations ended with a gold watch being awarded to the victor. The logo mark is inspired by the gold watch and the elite status it represents. Pretty cool, right?

The pin almost turned out to be this:

Here are a view Penny Arcade comics where the watch makes an appearance:
Watch Out!
You’re Late
That’s Rubble
Just Like You Remember, #2
Fan Favorites, Vol. 2
The Burrs And Barbs
Look Out It Is A Dog
The Woods, Part Three
Hermetically Yours

**I was also informed that If you’re already a Club PA member at the $30+ level, you’ll be receiving an email about your pin VERY SHORTLY!