Jul 22

New Sketch Set Debuting at SDCC

New Sketch Set Debuting at SDCC

Hey Pinnyheads (Is that a thing? It could be our thing. Let’s make it a thing.)

As I write to you, a few of our con warriors have already made the journey to San Diego to set up our vast and pointy pin offerings. If you’re going to San Diego Comic-Con this weekend you’ll be able to pick up this brand new set.

Sketch Set

The Sketch Set was a collaborative design between Michael and I. We wanted to capture the look and feel of an artist’s sketchbook as best we could, and personally, I think they came out fantastic. The art is screen printed on which allowed us to keep the rough and sketchy character of the lifework.

Sketch Set Closeups

We are debuting this set at SDCC, but fear not, intrepid collectors! All remaining pinventory (see what I did there) will go up in the store shortly following the show.