Apr 8

PAX East 2016 Pins!

PAX East 2016 Pins!

Pax is just a couple weeks away and I can smell the pins cooking downstairs. Oh you didn’t know that we bake all the pins right here in house? Well it’s the only way to assure freshness. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a hot pin right out of the oven!


Hair Troll, Gnome, and Wraith Pins [The Behemoth]
Available at The Behemoth Booth #4025

Dogmeat, Cyberdemon, and Vault Girl Pins [Bethesda Softworks]
Available at the Bethesda Booth #8021

Rockband 4, and Amplitude Pins [Harmonix Music Systems]
Available at the Harmonix Booth #6092. 100 pins will go to AbleGamers who will be auctioning off at their booth (tentative amount is $20 per pin). We’re distributing Rock Band 4 and Amplitude pins to people who play songs on our booth. We’re setting aside ~330 per day and anticipate running out between 3-4pm each day, assuming 5 pins per group.

Half-Life Lambda, and Flaming d20 Pins [Thinkgeek]
Available at the Thinkgeek Booth #6188

GNN Robot Pin [Wargaming.net]
Available at the Master of Orion – Panel at 3pm on Saturday in Albatross, first 1,000 guests

What Ho! Pin [Worldbuilders]
Available in the Kickstarter Room #103

Dammit, Roach! Pin [CD Projekt Red]
Available at the QWENT-Ception Panel, Saturday 2:30pm - Dragonfly Theatre

Cadavre Pin [Kris Straub]
Available at the Kris Straub table in Bandland.

Hob Pin [Runic Games]
Available at the Runic Games Booth #7248

Hangar 13 Pin [Square Enix]
Available at the Mafia 3 Panel, Saturday 12:00pm - Bumble Bee Theatre

Troll Revere Pin [Toonhound]
Available at the Toonhound Booth #2042

Hockey Spoop Pin [Loading Ready Run]
Available at the Loading Ready Run Table in Bandland

Cronos Pin [Nexon]
Available at the Nexon Booth #5116

Matriarch Pin [Greater Than Games]
Available at The Greater Than Games Booth #2180

Headcrab Pin [We Love Fine]
Available at the We Love Fine Booth #5212

Teemo Pin [Riot Games]
Available at The Riftwalk Room #153. We are distributing them to attendees as they exit The Riftwalk. They will not be for sale and will not be distributed at any other League location.


PAX East 2016 Pin Set
Available at both PAX Merch Booths.

Limited Edition PAX East 2016 Pin
ONLY available at the PAX Merch Lite Booth

Merch 4.0 Pin
Available at both PAX Merch Booths.


PA Staff Set 4
Trade with Penny Arcade staff members for their Staff Series 4 pins.

Rage Gabe and Tycho Pins
Trade with Gabe (Mike) and Tycho (Jerry.)


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-Gabe out