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Tycho / 1 week ago

So, if you have been around since the first teetering steps of the consumer Internet, technically nothing should startle you anymore.  Even if a novel, specific instance of a thing occurs you should be able to place it in or near one of the holes this medium has already gouged in your psyche.  But a website that lets you create arbitrary dildos you can then 3D print on your 3D printer and subsequently…  admire (?) has no place in my taxonomy.

The urge to spell it “dildoes” is incredibly strong.

The old nomenclature for Penny Arcade destroying your site with traffic was “Wang,” not my choice, but we don’t always have control over these things.  There are junctures where one must yield to the reins to the popular imagination.  So Wanging a site whose sole purpose is to create Wangs or to reify Wang-Adjacent Structures exerts a potent gravity.  But I don’t want to create a scenario where you need a custom dildo right away and aren’t able to make one.  But you are clever, and the ways of this place are known to you.

In a brief yet harrowingly detailed poll, the percentage of women we know who want one of these hovers near zero.  Indeed, the zero is the actual number.  You may imagine that, given the exploratory and ritually profane nature of the work we produce here, I would be immune to frank discussions of these topics.  You might imagine that at no point during these dialogues would I cover my mouth with my hand and stop breathing altogether.  Except that happened like two seconds in and then was maintained until I saw spots.  So what I learned was that I am highly adept at manufacturing ironic armor around these topics but that a discussion of any pragmatism or utility on these subjects makes me become a liquid and then try to flow between the cracks of the floorboards to escape.

Also: there was something else I was gonna oh right PAX SOUTH!  PAX Sooooooouth.

(CW)TB out.

About Drawing

I want to give you all a heads up and let you know the comic might look weird for a bit. What’s going on? Well I’m trying not to suck anymore.

Last year I really felt like I hit a wall in terms of my artwork. I had gotten myself into a rut and rather than try and get out of it, I just sort of sunk into it. I was in a real funk artistically for a long time. My new year’s resolution this year is to break the fuck out of that. In 2015 I am doubling down and refocusing on drawing. Stuff like the Destiny fan fiction and the more recent LoL fan comic are examples of this but it’s going to be bleeding into the normal comic as well. There’s just no way around it.  I have to try new stuff, push myself way too far and then walk it back in some cases.

Step one has been to start sketching. I’ve always been envious of artists who fill sketchbooks but I’ve never been able to do it. I have gotten in the habit of only drawing when I have something I need to draw. The reality is I always have stuff to draw like comic strips, pins, PAX program covers, posters, book covers, merchandise designs, PA presents projects, or our own side stories. Whenever I draw it’s because something needs to get drawn. That is changing.

On Friday I spent the night sketching with Katie and had a blast. She’s one of the best I’ve seen at sitting down and just filling pages in a sketchbook. It was incredibly inspiring and exactly what I needed to jumpstart this new year. I kept going back to the sketchbook all weekend and tried to get in at least a couple doodles every night.  It felt really good and I can see myself loosening up and trying new things. I’ve always been intimidated by pen and ink when it comes to drawing. I forced myself to ditch the pencil though and I tried my hand at a variety of different pens and markers. It was scary at first but I really love some of the results.

This is going to be painful for me. I’m going to share all this stuff with you guys. All my sketches, all my experiments, all my failures, and hopefully a few successes. I have not been this determined to improve since 2003 and it’s long overdue. I’m committed to improving this year and I’m not going to do that without trying new things. So sit back, relax, and watch as a 37 year old cartoonist has an artistic breakthrough.

or a complete mental breakdown.


-Gabe out


Gabe / 2 weeks ago

PAX South Pins!

There will be a bunch of new pins dropping at PAX South next week and I’ve got the details for you:

(click for the larger version)

Pins available at our Merch Booth:

PAX South 2015 Set
PAX South 2015 Polygon LE Pin
Acquisitions Inc Set

Partner Pins:

MTG Ugin Pin [WotC]
They are available as a prize on the Prize Wall in the Magic tournament space in the Tabletop Area (Exhibit Hall D).

Dungeon Defenders II Cannonball Tower Pin [Trendy Entertainment]
Available on a limited basis to those that buy the game at their booth.

State of Decay Year One Pin [Undead Labs]
Available at the Undead Labs booth.

Moonrise Emberjaw Pin [Undead Labs]
Available at the Undead Labs booth.

Sentinels of the Multiverse Baron Blade Pin [Greater Than Games]
Available at the Greater Than Games booth.

Sheriff Spoopifer Pin [Loading Ready Run]
Available at the Loading Ready Run booth.

PvP Giddyup Pin [Scott Kurtz]
Available at Scott Kurtz’s booth.

Broodhollow Iris Pin [Kris Straub]
Available at Kris Straub’s booth.

All the Penny Arcade folks will be trading as well. We’ll have:

Broodax Gabe- Get this one from me!
Helmet Tycho - Get this one from Tycho!
Staff Pins Series 1
Staff Pins Series 2 - Get these from PA staff!

Check out the Pin Quest post over on the Pinny Arcade site for more info and a checklist so you can keep track of your collection.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

Grib had committed his act of fan fiction most foul, but I have all kinds of things I want to write and don’t, for any one of ten thousand reasons.  “I can’t draw” is a big one.  Writing something without impetus from him would be…  rude, according to the unwritten tenets of our arrangement.

But I had to try.

Leona was the champion that got me into League of Legends to begin with - I got in there way late, messed around with it, understood that it was important, but I was just picking characters and random to be confused by and I had fairly vast gaps in my terminology.  My role here and elsewhere is to help legitimately competent people succeed to a greater extent, so I tend to play Support roles generally.  As soon as I saw Leona, I knew that I had a “main.”  Her kit is heavy on the crowd control, and her Ult mapped fairly well to the Garen I was flailing at.  And she didn’t have any of the pin-up, sexy pirate, scary girl detritus that is sort of the norm when you are reaching into the big ol’ bag of subconscious archetypes.

Diana isn’t a character I would play, because she is the wrong playstyle, but she’s the Moon Cultist to my Sun Knight.  I hadn’t seen her in a game for a couple years, and when she ended up down in bottom lane, creeping out of the river, I knew on some level how that must have felt.  So I wrote it, and shared it, and a week later he sent me this which makes no sense.  And then I couldn’t stop writing stuff like this, really.  I should have the next one, for a different game, done this afternoon.

There’s a couple headcanon-y things in the piece, but not as much as you might think given the official lore.  It’s fairly sparse, which serves my needs as a guerilla creator well.  There were knobbly bits in each backstory that seemed to mesh into each other.  I know there’s lore dorks out there that, like me, want to see more stuff like this from official channels.  I hope that fans of these champs have a good time with it.

Oh!  And I would also like to suggest a Tycho Leona skin.  I’m just saying.  I just made you this cool comic; it’s literally the least you could do.

(CW)TB out.

Gabe / 2 weeks ago

Thank You

This comment from the PA Facebook makes me feel pretty great.

“I love you guys. You have just given me something so special. PA has meant the world to me for years. It has dragged me out of the darkest depressions where I had thought that I had lost it all. I can not give enough thanks to you both for giving me something that is so special…....”

I know it’s easy to share negative comments and much harder to share positive stuff. This sort of thing is like fuel for me. Thank you so much.

-Gabe out

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