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Monday Sketchdump!

Another Monday, another look inside my sketchbook. Nothing special this week just lots of doodles.

I drew the shape first with a big yellow marker. Then tried to figure out what it looked like with a black brush pen:

Then my son Noah asked if he could draw me a shape. He used the yellow marker and I thought it looked like a dinosaur.

Then he wanted me to draw him a shape. I think he said this was “a happy duck”.

-Gabe out


Tycho / 1 week ago

As a generality I try not to engage in “do you know who I am” antics when it comes to trying to get free shit, I think I’ve talked about that before.  Of course, sometimes “who I am” is the precise reason I can’t have something.  If you ask me, I’ve been perfectly reasonable throughout my eighteen year stint - deploying precision rhetorical munitions only when absolutely necessary.  It’s entirely possible that I called Epic’s Mark Rein a “Liar-King” who “scuttled out of a rotting log,” but sometimes its vital in a dialogue to suggest that your opponent is some kind of grub.  It’s…  you know.  Aristotelian, or whatever.

You’d best believe I did everything I could to secure this Witcher shit in advance of the 19th, but it didn’t matter, because the PC version isn’t available even to reviewers yet.  Everything you’ve read about it from reviews is most likely from the PS4 version, and I didn’t put a new board in my computer so I could play a console version of the game in the same way that a person doesn’t go to eight years of medical school in order to be called Mister.

So I’m pretty fucking cranked up right now.  I’m fucking around in the strip, obviously - my mission is, as always, to create wholly new sentences, and I feel confident that “Real wyverns want to fuck midair in a haunted caldera” has never been seen before, nor will it be seen since.  It’s simply not that useful a phrase; it doesn’t have broad application.  That’s not a burrito option at Qdoba, for example.

But, yeah - they’re basically the masters of lore.  I don’t always read journal entries in games, but when I do, they are from The Witcher.  Historically, the entries can change and shift based on what’s happened, and I was rewarded in a profound way for my enthusiasm in the first game - knowing about a creature, its lore and history, turned a “boss fight” into a satisfying story moment in a way I’d never quite seen before.  Everything in these games exists in a kind of mystic ecosystem, which they labor to keep it true to itself.

I was happy to see that it had presold as well as it did, but Geralt is an acquired taste; I hope people like him once they get in there.  The Last Wish is an almost perfect summer book, if you want to get a foot in the door; you might even finish it before the game comes out if you start today.  It’s sorta like if the Brother’s Grimm had written A Song Of Ice And Fire.  Which, I mean, for me, that’s like…  yes, please.


Throwback Thursday

I don’t social media very well but I’ve heard that Throwback Thursday is a thing. I know generally you’re supposed to post an old picture of yourself but I thought I’d embarrass myself by posting old artwork instead. This was the very first drawing I ever did for Kara back in 1997. That’s right I tried to woo her with my mad watercolor skills. We’re still married though so I guess it worked.

Let me know if you like this. I have years and years of embarrassing artwork including some especially dark high school stuff when I thought The Crow was the best movie ever.  I’d also like to extend a friendly challenge to my good friend Scott Kurtz. I’d love for him to post some Throwback Thursday art as well.

-Gabe out

PAX Ticket Sales

Robert did a fantastic interview over on Geekwire about PAX ticket sales. Obviously with Prime selling out again in record time there’s a lot of talk about the systems we use and lots of suggestions. Well Robert breaks down his strategy in this interview and it’s pretty interesting.

-Gabe out

Child’s Play Invitational 2015!

Tickets to the 5th Annual Child’s Play Invitational are now available! This is always a super fun day on the course and it all benefits Child’s Play. Just like last year we’ll be holding a Mini golf tournament alongside the normal scramble style tournament. You can also get a spectator ticket and just hang out in the shade drinking cocktails and still join everyone at the BBQ afterwards.

You can check out this Child’s Play site for all the details but here are the basics:

Date: Friday, July 17th 2015
Time: Golf Registration 9:00AM - 10:00AM, Mini-Golf Registration 12:30PM-1:15PM, Mixer 4:00PM, Spectating All Day
Location: Willows Run Golf Course, 10402 Willows Rd, Redmond, WA 98052

So come out and enjoy a day of golf with the PA crew and help support Child’s Play in the process.

-Gabe out

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