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Gabe / on Mon, Dec 23 2013 at 1:38 pm

Max: Curse of the Brotherhood

I mentioned Max: Curse of the Brotherhood yesterday and said I was having fun with it. Well, I was able to beat it today and my initial impression still stands. This is a great puzzle/platform game and well worth the $15 they are asking. In fact I’d say it’s my favorite Xbox One exclusive so far. I found a couple frustrating bits towards the end. They do the classic puzzle game thing where once you’ve learned a bunch of skills and you’re having fun solving puzzles they make you do it fast. I absolutely hate this mechanic in these sorts of games. I love the mechanics and I just want to solve the puzzles. Making me do it quick while being chased by lava just pisses me off.  Thankfully there is very little of this and usually the game slows down at crucial moments giving you the extra couple seconds you need to draw in the element you need.

Overall I was really impressed with the puzzle designs. There were quite a few that really had me scratching my head and forced me to think in some strange ways. Like other physics based puzzle games you can occasionally solve the problem in ways that I’m not sure the designers intended. I had a lot of moments where I concocted some ridiculous physics solution all the while thinking “this cannot be how I’m supposed to do this.” but hey, whatever works!

I had a great time all the way through and I could see myself going back and trying to hunt down a few of their hidden collectables. It’s a great game and if you have an Xbox One you should definitely give it a shot.

-Gabe out

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