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Was I able to get Gabe to draw a Neurotyrant? Yes. Time was, this would have been a fraught proposition - but these days he has tons of Adeptus Astartes and Death Guard and Tyranids and Tau and all kindsa shit going on over there. A lot of it is even painted! I know, right? Wow. But also, I'm not sure we've had a Warhammer game that looked this good, which can't possibly hurt:

August Sticker Pack Preview!

It looks like Club PA members are starting to get their July sticker packs! This pack included the stackable ice cream as well as Motorcycle Helmet Tycho. I’m excited to get into the holiday months this Fall because I have lots of ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sticker sheets. In the meantime I've been hard at work on the August sticker pack and I wanted to share some progress pics with you guys. 



Steam has a running tally of Gabriel's accomplishments in The First Descendant, and I don't doubt that they represent true valor in the war against whoever that guy was in the intro I played. I'm not a hundred percent sure what some of these things mean, though; it says he's completed ten Void Intercept battles, which seems like a nice round number. He's also combined modules seven times? That seems like a good, you know, number of… times. I was gonna describe the conversation we had about it, but I guess we did make a comic strip that depicts the general arc.

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