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Childish Gamblino

Gabriel's youngest had never seen anything on the order of a Dave - let alone a Busters. These two primal forces juxtaposed obliterated his thirteen year old mind. Gabriel and I recalled our exposure to Chuck E. Cheese, which my mother called Charles Cheddar because... she's my mom, and all my novel predilections had to come from somewhere.

Choke Artist

Shit I want to check out is always coming out around PAX, when it's not really actionable for me - that is the norm. The most recent incarnation of this dark tendency is Cereza and the Lost Demon, which I guess is technically the subtitle. The first part of the name is Bayonetta Origins, and it looks like a watercolor storybook so Gabe is losing his shit. It's one of those games where each analog stick controls a different character, so it's also testing him - mind and body.

12 Hours of Sebring!


Now that my body is handling VR much better I am back into sim racing in a big way. I had been using an ultrawide monitor for my racing display but VR is SO much better! My lap times are more than 5 seconds faster in some cases. That’s huge when winners and losers are often determined by fractions of a second. 


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